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Dear Galen and Dale,
Judy and I have just gotten home and we are still a bit high on you and your music.That is not unusual. We frequently come home excited about what you have done. And frankly, we love to brag about the personal relationship to the people everyone talks so glowingly about.  But Beyond that, there is the music. There are the absolutely incredible arrangements you do of the music we love, and the commentary you do that speaks to all of us as though we have been your partners throughout your careers, and as if we know the music of the stage, screen and orchestra hall just as well as you do. And as though we have this knowledge in common that makes us brothers and sisters in five easy pieces.  It is really quite masterful.  But tonight, you blew us all completely away with an arrangement we have never heard before, and yet we have known all our lives. Your combination of Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar / I Don’t Know How To Love Him and Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah just brought me to tears.  Maybe it is as common as Mitch Miller doing the Beatles in elevators - but I don’t think so. I don't think Mitch Miller stops the room.  You stopped the room. And when at last we caught our collective breath and exploded into appreciation, you rode the wave and waited calmly for it to subside so that we could hear you tell of the next incredible rabbit you would pull out of your hat. Consummate professionals. Consummate performers. And consummate artists. You are what makes my old San Francisco friends and neighbors say, “Ah yes, I have heard of Ajijic.” Thank you for making our life just a little bit grander. 
Best of regards, 
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