Dear Friends:

Dale and I want you to know how much we miss you - and how much we appreciate the kindness and support you gave us over our 16 years in Ajijic. 

We never thought we would leave our home - but Dale's mother needed us, so we have left one life, to start a new one here in Florida.  We have been spending our time finding a new home - and adjusting to life again "North of The Border".

One of the things on our Bucket List is to return back to you and share new and old memories. 

REMEMBER - In Our Home

The Torches Will Be Lit, The Wood Fireplaces Lighted 

The Gardens and House Will Be Aglow With Candles

Lots of love to all of you.

Dale and Galen

P.S. We lost Benji last month to lymphatic cancer.  You know how sad our hearts are.